Un blog ti cambia la vita parte 2

Bella intervista a Khoi Vinh, Adobe Principal Designer, che da 20 anni sul suo blog racconta se stesso e il suo mondo: Subtraction.com

Ci sono alcuni passaggi fondamentali, in cui mi sono rispecchiato totalmente. Sia dal punto di vista della carriera:

It’s hard to overstate how important my blog has been, but if I were to try to distill it down into one word, it would be: “amplifier.” Writing in general and the blog in particular has amplified everything that I’ve done in my career, effectively broadcasting my career in ways that just wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Sia dell’indipendenza, non importa a che prezzo, da tutte le altre piattaforme del momento.

That said, I personally can’t imagine handing over all of my labor to a centralized platform where it’s chopped up and shuffled together with content from countless other sources, only to be exploited at the current whims of the platform owners’ volatile business models. I know a lot of creators are successful in that context, but I also see a lot of stuff that gets rendered essentially indistinguishable from everything else, lost in the blizzard of “content.”

E ancora:

Again, I’m not suggesting that what I do has any superior worth at all, but what I will say is that the difference between content that lives on a centralized blogging platform and what I do on a site that I own and operate myself-where I don’t answer to anyone else but me-is that what my writing on Subtraction.com has a high tolerance for ambiguity. It’s generally about design and technology, but sometimes it’s about some random subject matter, some non sequitur, some personal passion. It’s a place for writing and thinking, and ambiguity is okay there, even an essential part of it. That’s actually increasingly rare in our digital world now, and I personally value that a lot.

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